Inquirers' Class and Confirmation


In preparation for the Bishop's visit on May 31stMatt will offer an Inquirers' Class in late April and May. Over six sessions the group will learn about the Episcopal Church and will explore our Christian call as expressed in the baptismal covenant. The Inquirer's Class is open to any high school student or adult who would like to be confirmed, received into the Episcopal Church, or would just like to learn more about our denomination. For more information, feel free to contact Matt. If you are interested in participating in the Inquirer's Class, please contact Tom Parker in the parish office by April 6th. Once we have a list of participants, we'll schedule a day and time for the sessions.

Vacation Bible School Registration
Vacation Bible School will be held at Good Shepherd this year from June 15-19, 8:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon daily with a theme of Camp Discovery: Jesus at Work through Us.  Early-bird registration is open to members (ages 3 through completed grade 5) of the sponsoring churches (Good Shepherd, First Presbyterian, Lakeside Baptist, St. Andrew's Episcopal, and West Haven Presbyterian) until April 15.  After that date, registration will be open to the community.  Register online at
Many volunteers will be needed.  There are various areas in which one can volunteer. One can volunteer for one day, several days, or the entire week.  More information about volunteering and online volunteer registration is available at  The registration website lists First Presbyterian Church at the top since they are processing registrations for all five churches.
For more information, please contact Jeanne Shannon at
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